The Shakedown


Short description

The Shakedown is a simple game of points. Steal points from your friends by shaking your phone to the top of the leaderboard.

Long description

Welcome to The Shakedown – a game of points. Everybody starts with 10,000 points. Compete with your friends by stealing their points to reach the top of the charts. Steal points by shaking your phone... the harder you shake the faster you steal! Add your friends from Facebook and Twitter to widen your pool of points and competitors. Make and break allegiances, coordinate heists, discuss shake techniques, and beat your friends. Shake your phone. Steal points. Be happy.

Release date

iOS and Android will be released on Tuesday, August 19th.



There is a 99¢ USD in-app purchase for a "Shield" which allows you to block people from stealing from you for 8 hours. This gives you a breather if the competition becomes too intense.

Who made it?

Benedict Fritz is an independent iOS developer based in Chicago, IL, USA. He is the creator of The New Yorker's Game of the Month, Dudeski.

email or gchat Benedict at

Daniel Zarick is an independent software designer based in Chicago, IL, USA. He made and runs the product+design studio #33cc77. He previously worked at Twilio.

email or gchat Daniel at

Screenshots & Icon

Below are the screenshots we uploaded to the App Store and the app icon, as well as some unedited screenshots and promotional animated GIFs you can use. We can send you other photos if you'd like.

App Store screenshots

Unedited screenshots

App icon

Vines from players

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